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Our History

The Canossian School started as a boarding school, called Canossian School for the Deaf in 1956. It was situated at 1 Sallim Road. Before that, it was known as Fatimah House which housed children with varying special needs. Later, some of the children were channelled to the other institutions for their education as it was not ideal to cater to such varied needs under one roof.

In 1970, the school moved to Jalan Merbok catering to deaf girls. Within three years, the boarding school was closed, thereby allowing both boys and girls to be admitted to the school.

Despite the relocation, the school was still considered part of Canossa Convent Primary School in Sallim Road. Sr Margherita was Principal of both campuses of the school. In 1979, the Canossian School for the Deaf became independent. Sr Angela Garavaglia became the first Principal with St Helen Fernandez as the Acting Principal.

Our Journey


Canossian School for the Deaf housed at 1 Sallim Road; previously called Fatima House
(CSD) started as a boarding.


CSD shifted to Jalan Merbok (catering only to deaf girls); still considered a part of CCPS at Sallim Road.


CSD became independent with Sr Angela Garavaglia as the 1st Principal; Total Communication was primary mode.


In 1983, Sr Anne Tan was appointed Principal.
In 1984, the school joined the Community Chest of Singapore. Prior to that the school depended heavily on the Mission and direct donations from the public.
From 1988, school moved towards pure oral approach for communication; name of the school was changed to Canossian School for the Hearing Impaired (CSHI)


Focus was on improving auditory and speech skills using the Natural Auditory Oral (NAO)
Between 1986 and 1988, it focussed on improving the auditory and speech skills of the pupils. Overseas trainers and consultants conducted staff training. The school adopted a new name, Canossian School for the Hearing Impaired, to reflect a new understanding of deafness.


In 1989, special education came under the Ministry of Education (MOE) and its operating costs were jointly funded by MOE and the Community Chest of Singapore. This enabled the staff to focus on education and service improvements.
Integration programme started with Bukit Batok Pri Sch & St Anthony’s Pri Sch


In 1999, the school moved back to 1 Sallim Road. The relocation enabled pupils the opportunity to be integrated into a mainstream school via the first version of an integration model for special education in Singapore. In 2000, Sr Geraldine Lirn was appointed Principal of the Canossian School for the Hearing Impaired. With the development of the Canossian Eduplex, children with hearing loss enjoyed more opportunities for integration at different levels.


Official opening of the Eduplex.


In 2002, Ms Joan Chua took over as the first lay Principal of the school. In 2003, full integration of preschoolers at Magdalene’s Kindergarten started. In the same year, Canossian School for the Hearing Impaired changed its name to Canossian School.


Full integration of pre-schoolers into Magdalene’s KG;
CSHI changed its name to Canossian School.


In 2005, Mrs Marcia Yong was appointed Principal. In 2006, Canossian School established a partnership with MacPherson Primary School where upper primary boys were integrated.


In 2008, Ms Terry Theseira was appointed Principal.


In 2009, the Ministry of Education affirmed the school’s efforts in promoting integration in the Framework for Satellite Partnerships between Mainstream and Special Schools. The integration programme with Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Primary School is a model in which pupils are integrated at multiple levels across the school. The integration goes beyond learning and the pupils are integrated in areas like CCAs and social emotional learning.


In 2010, Canossian School embarked on a full integration programme in which all pupils were given the opportunity to learn alongside their mainstream peers at Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Primary School.


In 2017, Ms Christina Michael took over as Principal.


Canossa Convent Primary School is renamed as Canossa Catholic Primary School and turns coeducational; satellite partnership with MacPherson Primary School ends.


Press Release:
Restructuring of Canossian School and Canossa Catholic Primary School as designated school supporting students diagnosed with hearing loss.

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