Canossian Village

Canossian Village

The Canossian Eduplex includes a range of educational institutions that work in close collaboration to bring about positive social, emotional, spiritual and academic outcomes for its students. All sectors were set up by the Canossian Sisters with the intention of creating an educational hub with interdependent units that are supported by ancillary services such as after-school care. There are 5 sectors within the Eduplex comprising:

Canossa Convent

The Canossian Daughters of Charity (Canossian Sisters), is a Catholic religious institute founded by Magdalene of Canossa in Verona, Italy, in 1808. Some 50 years later, six Canossian Sisters from Venice and Padua began their journey to Hong Kong to spread their mission to other parts of the world. These Sisters laid the foundation for numerous initiatives in Singapore to live out the exemplary life of St Magdalene. Their primary ministries are in education, evangelisation, in health care (particularly with the sick and elderly). The Sisters are also actively involved in counselling, youth ministry, prison ministry and inter-religious dialogue.

Today they have set up eighteen provinces with approximately 2,700 Sisters in more than 336 communities and in 32 countries around the world with the General House is sited in Otavia, Rome.

Four pioneer Canossian Sisters arrived in Singapore from Macau in 1894 accompanied by Mother Teresa Lucian (Superior of Macau) and Mother Maria Stella (Superior of Hong Kong). Soon after their arrival, the Sisters were invited to take over St Anthony’s Girls School, which was later renamed, St Anthony’s Convent School (Portuguese Mission). The Sisters were known as the Portuguese Sisters because of their close association with the Portuguese Mission of St Joseph’s Church.

In 1941, the Sisters set up Canossa Convent, an orphanage and a school at 1 Sallim Road. Their work has expanded, resulting in the setting up of eight sectors as part of the Canossian Village at Sallim Road. With this expansion, the Sisters remain at the heart of Canossian Village. Endeavours at each sector are guided by their wisdom and prayers. Find out more about the History of the Canossian Sisters at the link below:

Canossian School (Hearing Loss)

A special education school catering to children with hearing loss

Canossa Catholic Primary School (CCPS)

A mainstream primary school that takes in the students from Canossian School as part of its inclusion programme.

Canossaville Preschool (CPS)

An inclusive preschool that offers childcare services for infants (from 18 months onwards) and a kindergarten for neurotypical children (from 3 – 6 years of age) as well as those with mild to moderate educational needs

Canossaville Children and Community Services (CCCS)

The services offered include a Student Care Centre that caters to students from both CCPS and CS as well as students from nearby schools. The CCCS will house a specialist hub envisioned to have speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, an educational psychologist and a Social Worker as well as part-time music, art and play therapists. These therapists would work in close collaboration to support the holistic development of students from all 3 schools within the Eduplex.

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