Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Canossian School offers four CCAs to students enrolled in the school. The CCAs are carefully selected to support the needs of students with hearing loss. The four CCAs are choir, percussion band, eco-art (gardening and art).

Research has shown that the benefits of music enhances listening, speech, language, thinking and discipline in students with hearing loss. Thus, it helps in auditory training, listening skills, language acquisition and development, speech production and reception, social interaction skills, self-esteem and emotional development.

Art allows them to express complicated issues that they cannot verbally communicate; it also helps them resolve different emotions by drawing, painting and constructing with an art therapist.

Gardening provides opportunities to develop communication and social skills as they work in small groups, well-being and fitness as they relax and reduce stress levels in the garden, , confidence and knowledge as they learn new skills and facts on the environment.

Canossian School believes in creating opportunities for our pupils to develop their talents.

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