Co-Curricular Activities

The Canossian School Choir was formed in 2012, under Dr Patsy Tan. Over the years, the school choir has performed in events held both locally and overseas. Our primary goal is to break boundaries and raise awareness that children with hearing loss can sing.

Singing is an engaging medium for everyone, especially children. It offers a stress-free way of listening, learning, connecting with others when singing in unison or in harmony. Students learn to improve on their listening skills and build an awareness of pitch as they identify their own vocal range. They learn the basic techniques of breathing, vocal toning as well as rhythm and expression. They also learn from videos to identify the singing techniques and to observe the singers so as to stimulate their hearing ability and singing styles.

In order to put up the various performances, the pupils have to memorise the song lyrics and that helps to strengthen their linguistic abilities and memory skills. As they have to sing in unison, their attention skills also improve over time. This collaboration, which is much emphasised in the choir, helps members to be socially connected to one another.

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