Gardening Club

Co-Curricular Activites

Our inspiration for the garden comes from Pope Francis and St Francis of Assisi (one of our founding saints) who both urge all of humanity to view all of creation with wonder and awe to be able to see the work of God in each one. “Through the greatness and the beauty of creatures one comes to know by analogy their maker” (Wis 13:5); indeed, “his eternal power and divinity have been made known through his works since the creation of the world” (Rom 1:20).

As Canossians, we are missioned to be the stewards of the earth, to love and care for God’s creations. Our school is blessed with a small plot of land that is used as an edible garden planted with vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and spices. The organic planting method has allowed us to enjoy harvest to bless the community.

The Gardening Club was formed to give pupils the opportunity to learn to tend to these plants in the garden. The objectives of the Gardening Club are to instil in its members a deeper appreciation of Nature and to foster a greater social interaction and bonding among its members. It also aims to create awareness of the diversity of plants and animals, and to allow members to acquire skills on ways to care for Nature. Gardening Club members are involved in basic gardening activities like weeding, watering and pruning to ensure that the plants grow healthily. They also learn to reuse and recycle garden finds to create art and crafts.


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