Mr Bobby Chan

Canossian School was first recommended to us by the audiological team from NUH when Zaneta was  about 4 years old. As we live in Jurong and to think of the distance we had to commute each day put me right off initially. However, we also realised that this is the school caters to hearing-impaired children and the teachers and staff are also well trained.


Sending Zaneta to Canossian School was the best decision we made and we are ever grateful to former principal, Ms Terry for accepting her. All these years, the school had provided Zaneta with all her audiological needs and support through regular hearing assessments and changing her ear moulds ever so often, special thanks to Mr. Hamid. It had also helped groomed and nurtured my little girl.


Zaneta’s transition to her new school, St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School was also made easier thanks to her former teachers, Ms Elaine and Ms Tay. Arranging Zoom meetings with her future Form Teachers to discuss how best to help these girls(with hearing impairment) integrate into their new school. We sincerely thank you 😊


We like to take this time to thank and congratulate Ms Christina for this wonderful and loving team she has at Canossian School. A special shout out to Ms Elaine, Ms Tay, Mdm Sitti, Mdm Lim, Mrs Tamil, Ms Tang, Mr. Ivan, Mr. Hamid, Mrs Ng, Pei Yun, Mrs Doris Ang, Mr. Koh, Uncle Tan and Mr Bernard(for watching over our children and keeping them safe) and also all the teachers not mentioned here. We thank you.


After 7 years at Canossian School (including 1 year at Kindergarten), when it was time for her to move on to the next chapter of her life, we were overwhelmed with sadness because of this special bond and friendship we had established with the teachers and staff. Just like saying goodbye to a friend.


I know that many parents would have wanted to express their gratitude and thanks to this school too, so we will say it on their behalf.

We Thank You and Miss you All!


Best Regards,

Bobby Chan & Family

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