Arifur and Shahinur

Our Dream School

Our last hope of recovering from failing the neonatal hearing test evaporated when the final report of diagnosis of our 3-month-old son was announced to us.  We were devastated while thinking, what went wrong, and why us? Whatever the reason for hearing loss may be, we had no other choice but to accept it as our fate and to move ahead.

We were looking for the information of proper schooling while running up & down, to and from hospital for various therapies, counselling, specialist consultations and aiding our son with hearing devices. One day, while talking with a social worker from AWWA (Asian Women’s’ Welfare Association) School, we first came to know about Canossian School.

We then contacted the Canossian School manager about an admission opportunity for our hearing- impaired son. They told us that this school takes hearing-impaired children aided with hearing aids and implants. However, the school may not admit children with other disabilities if the other disabilities are beyond acceptable level.

We were delighted and partially relieved when our child was accepted in Canossian School for N2 (Nursery 2) level admission. You might wonder why we mention “partially relieved”, but it is because being foreign residents here, the cost of school fees is much higher for us than for citizens and PRs, and no government grants are available. Our concern was alleviated when we received some remission from kindergarten fees.

We are impressed seeing the “Core Values” of the school and the school living by the values.

We feel that the school has set the curriculum and training programmes for the holistic development of hearing-impaired children and makes efforts to receive feedback and develop in areas where needed.

Another very important and desirable fact of the school is that almost all the services required for these children’s education and training are available under the same roof or in the adjacent compounds of sister entities. These services include but are not limited to pre-schooling facility, mainstream primary schooling, post school caring, therapy services and audiological services (hearing instruments daily condition assessment, troubleshooting & repair facility and availability of spare parts, etc.).

We are very glad to interact with the specially trained, empathetic, teachers who are very cooperative and approachable. The school sets and monitors each child’s learning programmes based on his/her capability and communicates with us in a timely manner. From time to time, the school also arranges parents group meetings (physical, and virtual during pandemic situation) which are very helpful and informative as parents and the school can share experiences, challenges, and knowledge with each other.

In the end, we are highly satisfied with the admission of our child and with the service, cooperation and parental guidance we regularly receive from the school.

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