Sridharan and Janani

Our son’s name is Daniel Sundaram. He is 7 years, 9 months old and is a Primary 2 student in Canossian School.

In 2016, when we sent Daniel to the nursery of a nearby preschool, his teacher gave us feedback that his response to her calling was very poor and he did not speak well. During the June holidays, we went to India for a vacation and brought him to an ENT doctor, who advised us to let Daniel take a hearing test. We were shocked when the results showed that he has profound hearing loss. However, we did not know much about hearing loss, so we decided to use normal hearing aids for him, and returned to Singapore. In Singapore, we made an appointment to see the ENT Dr. Loh in NUH and followed up with the audiologist and speech therapists in NUH. Meanwhile, we received an appointment in NUH CDU with Dr. Kalyani. During the discussion with MSW, we came to know about Canossian School and applied for the K1 Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) in Canossian School. That was the turning point in Daniel’s life and his progress. Sending him to Canossian School every day from our home, which is very far, was very challenging, yet we did it for his good. Once he started attending Canossian School, we saw an improvement in his responses. However, he was struggling with his normal hearing aid and not hear well with it.

In mid-2017, on the advice of the NUH doctor and audiologist, we decided to go for cochlear implants and Daniel was implanted in December 2017. The cochlear implant helped Daniel to hear better and with the kind support from the Canossian School teachers and staff, we can see a great improvement in many areas of his life today. They helped build his confidence and improved his communication skills. They went the extra mile to help him personally with any weakness he has.

Moreover, Canossian school teachers and staff provide after school curriculum activities and other engaging and educational programmes to improve Daniel’s speech and overall progress.  We take this opportunity to thank everyone in Canossian School who has been supporting Daniel thus far.

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