Parent Support Network

Parent Support Network (PSN)

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Our Mission
To support the school’s efforts in creating a nurturing learning environment.

Our Vision
To foster close relationships with teachers, parents and pupils to strive towards achieving the best for the students’ and the staff’s well-being.

Our Focus:

Supportive Partner with CS

• Alignment with objectives of CS in its programmes and activities
• Promote the general well-being & learning of our children
• to plan and run events for other parents, such as educational talks and social activities for parents to enhance parent-child relationships
• to periodically review the role of PSN to ensure its relevance and value-adding contributions to the school
• PSN Committee members should ideally serve no more than 2 years in any specific role but there will be no term limits for serving on the committee as a member. Members may continue to serve even after their child has graduated from the school
• New parent members will be invited by CS to join the committee

Bridging Communication

• To serve as a link between the school and parents, facilitating communication with parents
• Engaging parents for information dissemination and improvements
• to act as a channel for parents to provide feedback for the overall growth of the school

Reaching Out

• to provide opportunities for parents to network and share experiences with one another (such as sharing articles to be disseminated through CS’s REACH newsletter)
• Encouraging parents to support and be involved in the school’s activities

Canossian School Parent Support Network Committee (2022-23)


Mdm Debbie HUANG
Alaric Tee, P6


Mr Eddie ENG
Kaleb Eng, P3


Mr Vong YAP
Former student Lucas Yap


Ms Doris ANG
Canossian School, Senior Manager

Code of Ethics

1. Ideally, committee memberships should begin at the start at the start of the first term school holidays and end at the conclusion of Term 1 in the following year, (or 1st April and 31st March respectively at the latest). This timetable allows
a. new parents to settle in into the school
b. the school and current committee members to get to know and encourage new parents to be committee members
c. a changeover of responsibilities at probably the least busy time of the academic year

2. All members are expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct and behaviour with respect to staff, pupils, fellow members and parents of the school.

3. Members shall not undermine the authority of the Principal, staff and the rules and regulations of the school.

4. Members may not use the good name of PNG to communicate or authorize any transaction with any individual or members of the public in general without prior approval of the PNG Committee.

5. Members should always respect the decision of the Committee or Advisory Committee. They should always respect fellow members’ views comments and be prepared to share and lend a helping hand in all activities of PNG.

6. In committee, members should
a. Strive to be a good and active listener
b. Offer support to one another
c. Share Responsibilities
d. Be sure everyone has a chance to talk
e. Importance of Confidentiality
f. Be punctual and inform if you are unable to attend.

7. A Committee member who has vested interest in any issue raised and which requires a consensus by the Committee must abstain from voting.

8. Members must always conduct themselves in the best of behaviour and protocol at all times in the school and when presenting the good name of PNG in public.

9. Members must not criticise the school or the PNG publicly. Any grievances or displeasure with school or PNG should be brought to the attention of the Principal or Chairman, PNG, respectively for consideration and appropriate action.

10. Members must commit themselves towards the PNG’s cause and ensure that continuous efforts are made to assist and improve the school in its mission.

11. For reference as an additional resource, please refer to MOE’s Parent Support Groups Guidelines - PSG Online Guide

PSN Activities

Let’s Get In Touch

Reach out to us if you have any questions! We are always ready to answer any of your queries.

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